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The Lymphedema Center


Lymphedema is a medical diagnosis that is characterized by swelling in one or more parts of the body. Frequently lymphedema is associated with swelling of an arm or a leg. The swelling is caused by the accumulation of lymph fluid in tissue spaces within the body. Lymph is a transparent fluid that is found in the lymphatic system after fluids have been collected from body tissues. Fluids from the body are removed via the venous system and the lymphatic system. If there disruption in either system, imbalance is created resulting in swelling. People who have lymphedema have an impaired ability for the body to remove fluid from the tissue space. This swelling can also produce pain in the limb or area of body affected.


Lymphedema can be managed by an effective therapy called complex or complete decongestive physiotherapy (CDP). CDP is the most effective therapy for lymphedema. CDP is composed of (1) manual lymph drainage techniques performed by a carefully trained lymphatic therapist, (2) compression bandaging or compression garments, (3) special exercises, and (4) daily vigilant skin care.

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